www.microsofttelephonenumber.com is a totally independent and completely autonomous provider of onsite/remote support services for software and peripherals. We provide technical support but we have no affiliation with any of these third-party companies unless such relationship is expressly specified. The third party trademarks, logos, names of the brands and the products have been given for information purpose only and we in no means are advocating any affiliation or connection to any of the product or brand. We are a US based profit making company where we serve our clients regarding security, computer optimization, computer tune up and any problem coming in computer products. If the product is under warranty, the repair service maybe available for free on the website of the service owner.


www.microsofttelephonenumber.com support staff is -retail-card Certified Technicians but do not necessarily hold any certifications from any third party unless expressly specified. 


Most software and its products are covered under manufacturer’s warranty during the initial period of use. If your product is under warranty the support services may be available for free. www.microsofttelephonenumber.com recommends that you contact the original supplier of the product in such circumstances. 


We recommend that you review the process of remote access. Also please review Section 1.1.2 Software Support Tool and Remote Access in the terms and conditions.